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Carey Windham - Remi Baker - Ken Berry - Larry Conville - Rusty Conville - Joey Burroughs

Brief AMRA Overview...
    The American Mud Racing Association (AMRA) represents the modern extreme automotive sport of ‘Mud Racing’. It is led by people with a passion for the sport that includes a long legacy of heritage. Even though the organization is still in the expansion stages of its youth, its board members and racers have extensive experience in this sport. The sport of extreme mud racing began in the early 1970s here in Northern Louisiana. It expanded into Southern Louisiana, Arkansas, East Texas, Mississippi, Alabama and other regions until the late 80s. Then the sport seemed to vanish.   

     Eight years ago, some others and I began to wonder and fantasize about the mud racing sport we enjoyed in our childhood days. With the help of some farmers with an entrepreneur spirit, the mud racing sport was reborn. Over the past eight years, it has grown and expanded into a strong sport in some of the original areas - Northern & Central Louisiana, Southern Arkansas, Mississippi, and Alabama. Through area sponsors and national sponsors in the automotive aftermarket (both in performance & off-road), the sport and our organization continue to grow in leaps and bounds. Our passion in the AMRA is to take this exciting venue to other regions of the country and to expand it nationally.

Brief AMRA History...
    While the progression of the sport has gone through many growing pains in the past eight years, the strongest sanctioning body today is the American Mud Racing Association (AMRA). Members of this board of trustees have proven their commitment to the sport. Many of these are second generation mud racers & race fans - the same ones who reveled in the mud racing of their 4x4fathers.    

      The main objective of the AMRA has been to unify the sport of mud racing among the race teams, track owners, sponsors, & race fans. It acts as the go between for each of these sections to bridge the gap for the future of the sport. The AMRA is entrusted with choreographing the details of the series. In essence, they establish the rules of the play for race teams in each class, develop the relationship with track owners to provide a racer & fan friendly facility, ensure the sponsors get their monies worth, satisfy the fan with a great entertainment value, and help govern & facilitate each step of the way.    

      The AMRA is a fantastic group of enthusiasts who want to expose the world to this genuine off-road motor sport. They know without order there can be no progress. They have created a set of boundaries to help maintain an exciting, well-organized event with safe, structured rules for all classes of racers. There are currently 4 different vehicle classifications - Stock, Super Stock, Modified, & Super Modified. While all classes have to have safety requirements like a roll cage, seat harnesses, fire extinguishers, etc., the classes are divided by certain restrictions - engine size, carburetor size, heads, camshaft size, suspension design, tire size - D.O.T. Approved or tractor style, etc. Every racer wants you to build the rules so that their truck will win. Every racer also looks for a loop-hole to give them an advantage over the competition.    

       While searching for the advantage to go faster, they sometimes forget about playing safer too. Over the past years, the AMRA has evolved it rules to help keep the playing field competitive, yet as fair as possible, but still mandates safety first.

AMRA Investment Opportunities...
It takes all involved to make a motor sport grow.
• Who comes to see a race without racers? You need racers to have a race. The racers are the competitive drive in the sport.

• Where do you race if there’s no track? You need track owners to provide the arena for the racers & race fans.

• Who wants to race if there’s no one to see them win? The loyal race fans & growing number of spectators It is a simple down and dirty approach.    

     It takes money to conduct business and pleasure in this world - especially the racing world of business. Racing is a business of pleasure, but it is still a business and it should be run like one. The racing business has numerous expenses like any other - both hard costs and soft costs. There is advertising, merchandising, promotions, personnel, paper clips, and pencils and everything in between. This is a genuine grass roots approach to how it affects you as a business owner. You make products for motor sports. It fits both racer and enthusiasts. The AMRA is full of racers & enthusiasts. By supporting the sport of mud racing, you support your customer base. Every AMRA Race has a growing number of spectators. The average race has 1,500-6,000 spectators and race fans in attendance.    

      The AMRA works hard at maintaining a strict budget without frivolous spending. With more money and support, we can and will do more to escalate the genuine off-road motor sport of mud racing. As the AMRA invests your support into the expansion and growth of the mud racing segment, your sales base increases, more people learn of your fantastic product, and you make more money & profits. The sport grows, your customer base grows. It is a win-win situation. Racing can never be all about the money.    

     It is all in fun, but you can get paid. With 8 races scheduled on the track circuit for 2013, the AMRA guarantees $7,000 & trophies per sanctioned race event that is split between the Top 5 finishers of each class for 4 of the 8 races. The AMRA also guarantees $10,000 & trophies in the other 4 races. In addition to the payout per event, the AMRA Annual Points Championship Awards Banquet will pay out nearly $20,000 in monies, trophies, and prizes to the Points Champions & 2nd -5th places in each class. The AMRA offers you an opportunity of investment into your future with an increased market share and awareness for your products.

    We have many levels of investment and your expansion can be as great or small as your desire for exposure. If you do not see a specific level of investment that fits your personal financial plan for growth, we are more than willing to work with you to create a specific plan that best suits your needs for future growth. We will do our best to accommodate your requests.


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