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 All Drivers and Passengers Must Sign the AMRA\Track Owner’s Waiver Before Racing Is Allowed. The American Mud Racing Association (AMRA)'s Primary Interests are to Promote the Extreme Sport of Mud Racing as a Major Motor Sport. Please Note However, that The AMRA MAKES NO REPRESENTATIONS OR EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTEES THAT COMPLIANCE WITH THE RULES AS WRITTEN OR ANY ADDENDUMS TO THOSE RULES WILL GUARANTEE AGAINST INJURY OR DEATH TO SPECTATORS, PARTICIPANTS, OR DAMAGE TO PERSONAL PROPERTY.

Close Observance of these Standards Set forth in these Rules and Regulations are an Important Fundamental. The Standards Set Forth by the AMRA will Serve as Guidelines Based upon Experience and Professional Mud Racing. These Rules and Regulations Constitute the Minimum Standards for Competition and are Intended as a Guide for the Conduct of the Sport. The Primary Responsibility for Safe Condition and Operation of Mud Racing Vehicles in Competition Rests with the Vehicle Owner and Driver. EVERYONE ASSOCIATED WITH THE SPORT MUST SHARE THE TOTAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE MUD RACE'S PROGRESS. MUD RACING IS A HIGH RISK EXTREME ACTIVITY. THINK SAFETY FIRST!

Situations May Arise that Are Not Covered in these Policies, Rules and Regulations. In All Cases, If Limitations Are Not Spelled Out, It Does Not Mean You Can Make Unlisted Modifications. A Ruling Will Be Made By the Event Sponsor, Consistent with Rulings, In Situations of the Same Nature.


1. Trucks Must be Teched in Before Competing, and All Drivers Must Attend Driver's Meeting Before the Race.

2. All Vehicles Must Have Forward and Reverse Gears and Must be 4-Wheel Drive.

3. Front and Rear Loops for Tow Out of Track Mandatory. (3 inch inside minimum.) NOTE: Passenger of Vehicle to Hook Up Tow Strap to Tractor. Driver Should Remain in Vehicle in Driver Position.

4. Each Driveshaft Must have a Minimum of 1 Loop. If Driveshaft is No Longer than Twenty-Four (24) Inches, One (1) Centered Loop is Okay. Loops Must be 6” Minimum. Twelve (12) Inches Maximum from U-Joint Required in All Classes Except Stock Class.

5. All Competing Drivers & Passengers Must Have a Valid Driver's License and Be at Least 16 Years of Age with Parent or Guardian Signed Approval.

6. No Obscene Writing Or Names are Allowed on Race Vehicles.

7. No Loose Objects Inside Race Vehicle. No Loose Objects in Back of Race Vehicle.

8. Competition Vehicles Must Be Operated in a Safe Manner at All Times in the Pit Area, Staging, Loading, Unloading, and on the Track Itself. Tech Officials have the Right to Stop and Even Disqualify Any Vehicle Not Being Operated in this Manner.

9. No Driver Will Consume Alcoholic Beverages or Take Drugs Prior To or During and Event. Obvious or Excessive Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages by Pit Crew Will Be Grounds for Disqualification.

10. Any Infractions of Fighting, Drugs, Alcohol, Unsportsmanlike Conduct, or Tampering with a Competitor’s Race Vehicle by a Participant or His Pit Crew can Result in Suspension, Forfeit all Winnings (Money, Trophy, and Points) for the Length of Time Decided by the AMRA Board and can be Subject to Fine(s).


1. The Driver and Passenger, Along with Any Pit Crew Members, Must Be Present at the Time of

Registration. ALL (Driver, Passenger and a maximum of 4 pit crew helpers) Must Sign a Waiver of

Liability and Be Issued a Pit Pass Arm Band. The Driver & Passenger Must Have the Pit Pass Arm

Band On During Their Race Class. The Starting Line Official Will Check for These Arm Bands Prior

to Each Race. If The Driver & Passenger Does Not Have a Pit Pass Arm Band, They Can Not Race.

Entering the Race Track and/or Vehicle Without a Pit Pass Arm Band Will Result in a

Disqualification (DQ). Additional Pit Passes Will NOT Be Issued After Registration.

2. Tech-In sheets Are Available at the Tech-In area. Once you Pass Tech-In, the Tech-In Sheet Signed Off by the Tech/Safety Official Needs to be Delivered to the Registration Desk and All Entry Fees for Each Class Paid.

3. At all AMRA Sanctioned Points Race, A Vehicle Can Only Step Up in One (1) Class Only. If there are less than Twenty (20) Entries in Super Stock, a Stock Truck can Enter Super Stock. If there are less than Eight (8) Entries in Modified or Super Modified, a Super Stock Truck can Step Up into Modified and a Modified can Step Up into Super Modified.

4. If a Driver is Planning on Entering His Truck in an Additional Step Up Class, Both Registration Fees Should Be Paid at the Same Time. A Refund Will Be Issued If The Truck Fails to Race in the Step Up Class. Once the Truck Stages for the Class, No Refunds Will Be Issued. Please Notify Registration Official Immediately If You Plan on Entering or Dropping Out of a Class So that the Line Up can be Corrected.

5. A Race Team Member of Each Racing Truck Will Be Asked to Draw a Number for Each Class that Truck Will Be Racing. These Numbers Are Used to Create the Lineup for Each Class. The Lowest Number Races the Highest Number (#1 Races #35, #2 Races #34, and so on). The Lineup Will Be Posted at the Starting Line Before Each Class.

TECH IN: The Tech Official Has the Right to Disqualify Any Vehicle on the Basis of Its Safety Features at the Tech Inspection. If You Do Not Pass Safety Tech, You Cannot Race!

1. The Tech Official Has the Right to Disqualify Any Vehicle that Fails to Meet Technical Rules of Its Class.

2. All Vehicles Must Race, as It Has Been Teched-In. NO MODIFICATIONS AFTER THE TECH HAS SIGNED OFF! This Includes Such Things As, But Are Not Limited To - Ignition Timing Changes, etc.

3. Arguments or Discourtesy to the Tech Official Will Result in Disqualification.

4. Vehicles Must Be Teched-In by Tech Official by the Time Your Class Starts in Order to Race.

5. Vehicles Will Be Re-Teched after Wreck or Roll Over for Safety Reasons.

6. If the Race Vehicle is Running at Any Time, The Driver Must Be In the Driver’s Seat.

7. No Prize Money Will Be Awarded Until Top Three (3) Winners Have Re-Passed Tech Inspection. Fourth (4th) and Fifth (5th) Places Must Remain in the Pit Area Until Tech of Top Three (3) Is Complete.


1. No Drinking Will Be Allowed in the Pit Area, Staging Area, Staring Line Area, or the Infield Area.

2. No One Under the Age of Sixteen (16) Will Be Allowed in the Pit Area.

3. While Your Class Is Running, the Race Vehicle Must Remain in the Staging Area. If Your Vehicle

Is Not Staged, It Will Be Considered Broke Down and Cannot Run.

4. When the line-up board for any class has more than 8 trucks (9 and above), drivers have three (3) minutes to get to the staging area when called by the track official. If a driver is unable to make it due to mechanical failure only, he will be allowed to drop to the bottom of the running order One (1) Time Only. It is YOUR Responsibility to let the officials know your status. The time frame for the next scheduled pair to run according to the line-up board will be adhered to for any competitor that drops to the bottom of the running order.

When the line-up board for any class has 8 trucks or less (1 – 8), drivers have five (5) minutes to get to the staging area when called by the track official. If a driver is unable to make it due to mechanical failure only, he will be allowed to drop to the bottom of the running order One (1) Time Only. It is YOUR Responsibility to let the officials know your status. The time frame for the next scheduled pair to run according to the line-up board will be adhered to for any competitor that drops to the bottom of the running order.

5. Any Vehicle Driving in an Unsafe Manner Through the Pit Area Will Be Disqualified.

6. Only Drivers and Their Direct Crewmembers Are Allowed in the Staging Area.

7. There Will Be Absolutely No Fighting. Fighting Will Result in Disqualification.

8. Anyone Conducting Himself or Herself in an Un-orderly Fashion Will Be Escorted Off the Premises.

9. There Will Be Absolutely No Arguing with Track Owner or Staff in the Announcer’s Booth. All Protest or Questions Will Be Made to the AMRA Officials Only.

10. AMRA Official’s Decisions Will Be Final.


1. If the Race Vehicle is Running at Any Time, The Driver Must Be In the Driver’s Seat.

2. Once a Competitor Has Scratched/Dropped From a Class, They May Not Re-Enter.

3. Once a Competitor Has Pulled Up to the Start Line, There Will Be No Refund of Entry Fees.

4. If the Race Vehicle Draws a ‘By-Run’ in the First Round of Competition, the Race Vehicle Must Make a Complete Pass Around the Race Track. (To Stage And Back Out will Result in a Loss.)

5. Two (2) Different Drivers Cannot Enter the Same Vehicle in One (1) Class. The same driver may not drive more than one vehicle in the same class. Once the 1st run in a specific class has begun, no change of drivers in a vehicle is permitted without permission from the Event Director or his designee

6. Only One (1) Driver and One (1) Passenger Per Vehicle.

7. If a Vehicle Jumps the Starting Line to Early, the Race Will Be Started Over.

8. If a Vehicle Jumps the Starting Line Two (2) Times in a Row, He Will Be Moved Back Even with His Opponent’s Rear Bumper.

9. If a Vehicle Jumps the Starting Line Three (3) Times in a Row, it Will Result in an Automatic Loss.

10. You must Shut Vehicle Down at the Finish Line.

11. Stuck or Broken Down Vehicles Will Be Measured to the Center of Front Hub for Distance to Finish Line. The Vehicle Closest to the Finish Line Is the Winner.

12. Course Boundaries Will Be Marked. Anyone Crossing the Boundaries Will Be Disqualified. This Will Be a Track Official’s Decision.

13. There Will Be Absolutely No Drinking While Driving Race Vehicles. This Will Lead to Disqualification.

14. Foul or Abusive Language Will NOT Be Tolerated. Nor Will Disrespect to Other Racers, Race Officials, or Spectators. Drivers are Responsible for Their Own Actions As Well As the Actions of Their Pit Crews.

15. Race ‘Re-Runs’ are the decision of the Track Officials. If the Track Officials Deems the Race the Result of Various Uncontrollable Elements, Not the Direct Fault of Either Driver, a Re-Run Will Be Allowed.

16. It Is the Driver’s Responsibility for Their Vehicles Safe Operation and Safety Equipment. AMRA Reserve the Right to Inspect Any Vehicle At Anytime.

17. Poor Sportsmanship on the Track, Such as Deliberately Hitting or Spinning Out Another Vehicle Will Result in Disqualification. This Will Be the Judge’s Decision for that Situation. THE DECISION IS FINAL NO ARGUING.

18. If You Have Been Disqualified Two (2) Times for Poor Sportsmanship On or Off the Track, You Will Be Banned from AMRA Sanctioned Races.

19. AMRA Officials Reserve the Right to Disqualify Vehicles that Fail to Follow AMRA Rules At Any Time.






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